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Ketchum's Online Communications Quarterly

2004, Issue 2

Issue Highlights
Ketchum CEO Ray Kotcher calls the power of influencers the "most powerful development shaping the public relations discipline" and issues a call to action.
Four PR professionals provide counsel on how to make sure your corporate vision and values are meaningful and credible.
Towers Perrin Principal Katherine Woodall offers seven reasons why corporate culture really matters.
Following seven rules of thumb for brand-aligned organizations can help you design and execute programs that bring your brand and the strategies it drives to life.
For intranet planners, the strategy to developing an effective internal communications tool involves seven essentials.
Planning for and responding to a crisis requires real preparation, including what food to provide in your Crisis War Room.

Unlocking Corporate Communication: Responding to Change

Never has a more important time emerged to examine the pressing issues that face corporate communications professionals today. That's why Perspectives, Ketchum's online magazine, devotes this issue to a recent Conference Board conference, sponsored by Ketchum. It explores many critical issues confronting corporate communications. Among them: Ketchum CEO Ray Kotcher challenges the public relations industry to embrace influencers and Ketchum Partner Paul Rand explains influencer relationship management (IRM). Senior Partner Robert Flaherty offers a new value proposition for corporate communications. President and CEO Gary Stromberg of Stromberg Consulting tackles strategies for influencing employee attitudes, and Ketchum SVP Thomas Barritt provides counsel for coping and succeeding with a crisis. Nokia's Bill Plummer discusses how to predict organizational outcomes with confidence and Texas Instruments' Donna Coletti underscores the importance of strategic communications planning and evaluation.

The conference clearly illuminated the exciting opportunities — and the significant challenges — ahead for corporate communicators. Perspectives hopes you will find the insights offered by the conference to be enlightening and useful to your own external and internal communications initiatives.