Ketchum Perspectives: Marketing to Niches

Often marketers assume they know what motivates their consumers, but hit a false note and you won’t make an authentic connection. This condensed issue of Perspectives is dedicated to assumption-busting insights. Read on to learn about our methodology and discover few insights that we’ve uncovered about men, women and consumers fifty and older.

With demographic, behavioral and psychographic data, modern marketers have a treasure trove of data at their fingertips. The ability of a true communication professional is channel their inner Georges Seurat and to step back to see an image from countless tiny dots.

The Ketchum 2014 Marketing to Moms study found that more women are now the primary breadwinner or on par with their significant others. Clearly this trend will have profound implications for buying patterns and marketing decisions. Learn how to connect with these busy, breadwinning moms. 

Think all 18-34-year-old men are a homogeneous group of lazy, entitled, unfocused and disloyal narcissists? Think again. Ketchum identified a group of younger millennial men who embrace the retro strong-and-silent-type values typically associated with older generations. Meet the New Traditionalists.

Forget everything you think you know about people aged 50+. We sifted through the data for insights into the behaviors of this groundbreaking cohort, it’s clear the generation that began naming generations has plenty left to do and buy.