Ketchum Perspectives: Leadership Communications

The most recent Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor (KLCM) polled more than 6,500 people in 13 countries about their views on effective leadership, effective communication and the link between the two. With the overall finding that there is still a crisis in leadership, this issue of Perspectives seeks to find solutions to that problem and highlights leadership communication lessons and advice from executives both inside and outside of Ketchum. 

This section looks at the various findings from the most recent KLCM study, including an insight that female leaders are outperforming their male counterparts and the discovery of the "Leadership eVangelists." 

Carine Duvignaud, General Manager of the Middle East PR Association, speaks with Nicola Gregson of Ketchum Raad Middle East about her take on the most recent KLCM’s findings, including what leadership traits she believes are most important.

Not every leader is a born communicator. Here, senior Ketchum executives and clients share their most important learnings related to leadership communication.

Even the best leaders can use help with their communication style. Here, two Ketchum experts share their thoughts on the top things leaders should keep in mind while developing their communication style.