Seen & Heard At Cannes

Below is a selection of quick insights and lessons Ketchum’s Cannes delegates heard while at the Festival, as well as some photos they captured while walking the grounds.

"People share content to build relationships, manage their identity and help others. Marketers who build strategies around these motivations will succeed." – Paul Adams, Global Head of Brand Design, Facebook

"Go and search for creativity. Go far. But not too far. You might get lost. The secret is to know when to stop." – Guido Barilla, chairman, Barilla

"Approach each day with the freshness of an upstart." – Marc Pritchard, Global Marketing and Brand Building Officer, Procter & Gamble*

"People like to measure themselves. Because you can't improve if you don't have the measurements." – Stefan Olander, Vice President, Digital Sport, Nike Inc.

"Throw fewer pebbles. Make bigger waves." – Chris Capossela, CMO, Microsoft*

"Clients have to take responsibility to put the right people on their teams, but they don't always think that way. They need to get all partners together with one set of goals. Silo-ism is still a big disease in our business." – Jim Stengel, marketing expert, former CMO of Procter & Gamble*

"Think of fear like alcohol - it impacts judgment. Don't make decisions under the influence." – Mary Zalla, president, Landor Associates

*indicates the company is a Ketchum client